Scanning vitamins and minerals

Do you have a body that does not respond properly, even though you eat right and exercise? Do you often feel swollen and bloated? Do you often get tired, powerless and / or have low energy levels? Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, other nutrients and enzymes are vital components of the body’s structure and function. All biochemical processes in the body require nutrients. A mineral analysis is a very valuable test and analysis that tells you about your body’s nutritional and mineral status on an intracellular level (ie what it looks like IN the cells and not just in the blood or hair follicles). Here are answers to these questions: Do you wish:
  • Know how your diet affects your energy?
  • Understand why you never manage to lose those extra pounds.
  • How does your diet affect a possible IBS?
  • Get more out of your workout?
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(choose scanning vitamins minerals) NOTE! you who are already a card customer scan you for free. As you already know, we have the opportunity to measure nutritional levels in the body. We use bias resonance that is fairly well known in the outside world but still relatively unknown in Sweden. You can read more about the method here. There are several scientific studies that show how accurate the principle is. You will find studies here.