Medical shockwave

When should I choose shockwave?

You should preferably choose a medical shockwave that is an effective treatment for long-term pain! Shockwave treatments can be an effective way to stimulate self-healing in the damaged tissue.
Usually is the pain in the muscles tendons and it’s attachment to the skeleton. We recommend shockwave treatments in case of heel spurs, tendinitis, jumping knee, tennis elbow, periostitis, golfer’s elbow, shoulder tendonitis (impingement), Iliotibial band syndrome, etc.

Pain and side effects

The shockwave treatment can hurt but is perceived as always as bearable. As soon as the treatment is complete the pain stops. Side effects are uncommon but for some people a minor bruise can occur in the treatment area. Also, you can sometimes In most cases, non-prescription painkillers usually suffice. Do not use anti-inflammatory tablets. Panodil or Alvedon (paracetamol) on the other hand, goes well.

To think about before, during and after a shockwave treatment

One should refrain from intensive physical activity or load of treated tissue for the next 24 hours after treatment. You should not undergo any other treatment in parallel, such as treatment with cortisone injection or blood thinning medication at a stronger dose. People with pronounced heart problems, increased bleeding tendency and pregnant women should not be treated with shockwaves. For optimal effect, anti-inflammatory drugs should not have been taken in the last few days before treatment as well as not during or immediately following the treatment. Also, the injury should not be in an emergency phase with severe inflammation (then choose LASER instead).