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Educational Kinesiology/ Brain gym

Educational Kinesiology or Brain Gym (as it´s also called) is a philosophy and technology invented by Paul Dennison. Paul Dennison works as a specialist, teacher and doctor in pedagogy. After studying on kinesiology, he saw the importance of movement in learning. Educational Kinesiology can be translated into learning through movements. Dr Dennison became extra interested in the baby’s creep phase and how important it was for the development of brain functions and development. According to Dr. Dennison is the crawl period the most important stage in brain development to create good communication between left and right brain. Or as in Qinopractic medicine, we see full communication throughout the brain.

What “shuts off” the contact between the different parts of the brain is too much negative stress. Talking about the word stress makes it sound negative. But if we did not have stress in our body, we would lie like a pile on the floor and not be able to get up. Positive stress is what makes us go, move and do things. Negative stress is the one who “kills”. It prevents or makes it harder to learn, paralyzes the actions and makes it difficult to think clearly in situations / moments such as trial, competition or major financial decisions.

Stress creates blockades for our thoughts and activities.

Brain gym

With Brain Gym, we want left and right brain to get contact with each other. But we also want to get the lower part of the brain to get contact with the upper part and back of the brain to contact the front of the brain. With this we, together with you as a customer, want to change a negative belief about yourself. It is also used to improve reading difficulties, hearing difficulties, learning difficulties, etc.

Belief -> Potentiality -> Result -> Action. If you have a belief that you have back pain, it will end up with a back pain.

The person you are today is the result of your thoughts and actions you’ve had this far in your life.

The person you are in 5 years is a result of your thoughts and actions you have today..


PSYCH-K is a unique blend of different technologies and philosophies to bring about changes on an unconscious level, i.e. NOT on the left hemisphere. As Albert Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.
With Psyck-K we can process and reduce your trauma. It is your own brain that works with the trauma and it will be a reboot for the brain. Imagine that you restart your computer, the same happens with your brain with this treatment.

We recommend that you take about two hours after this treatment. Do not schedule any meetings or work after the treatment.

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