Qinopractic medicine

What is Qinopractic medicine?

QINOpractic is a combination of chiropractic and chinese philosophy and treatment techniques, derived from for example, Kinesiology, Osteopathy, EFT, NLP and Massage Therapy, called the QINOPractice.
QINOpractic is a manual treatment that emphasizes the body’s overall and self-regulating / self-healing ability.

Physical, mental and chemical imbalances but above all negative thoughts / fears and stress often lead to disturbances in our bodies. Just as the logo indicates, this is a combination of Eastern and Western philosophy and medicine, where balance is the key word.
QINOpractic’s goal is to maintain a balance between structure, psyche and chemistry.

Neurological balancing

In neurological balancing we want better contact between the right and left hemispheres. Humans walking cycle is called cross walk. At cross walk one leg will move forward as well as the contralateral (opposite) arm. In that walking cycle the brain must “shut down” some muscles and activate others. For example, the arm can not be both biceps and triceps enabled. One must be turned off.

In stress or trauma, the body may sometimes be in imbalance. It simply shuts down non-survival features. This defense is very good and allows us to survive, for example, a car crash.

But sometimes this imbalance persists and we then have problems with the energies in our bodies and it feels wrong when you walk or exercise.

Our goal of this treatment is to achieve balance between brain halves.