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With the goal of being symptom free from ME / CFS and CPTSD, bioreson resonance therapy is my latest intervention while public health is unable to work with treatment and cure in my case. My over two decades of effective therapist Göran has bought a bias resonance tool with NLS diagnostics which is the second or third in the country and I have tried once.
Former blogger Mats Reimer at Swedish Medicine hit hard at the reception in Halmstad 2016, saying that there was no evidence and then took the opportunity to rally over alternatives in the general. A critic who turns readers away from his reasoning because of his better-thinking attitude which is just to thank. Without alternatives, I would have been abandoned and left out to solve my own feelings and recover, because when the public health care has no answer, it leaves people to their own destiny without follow-up.

When Göran decides on treatment, I try with skepticism like this time with NLS, because he has never left me in worse condition than when I came to his reception. He also explains how the treatment is done so that I can continue with self-care at home and convey hope in pain relief.

Throughout my life, pain has been my companion even though I did not let it stop me from what I wanted to do. Göran has mainly shortened the time for muscle pain due to intense training, fall injuries during the triathlon period, for short recovery periods and my impatience that the body was in the way of my ambitions. My ambition is unlike before when I visited Göran in case of acute pain to visit his clinic regularly before pain occurs and reduce specific problems before they develop into disease.

With NLS I have the ambition to gain a general understanding of where my weak points are, to become more aware of them and find out what is needed to contribute to healing. With the help of this tool I have also received feedback on my suspicions about what I need to fix. Without mentioning some details about my feeling, NLS was able to establish that the mitochondria are affected, a growth in the uterus that public health has also found to be a myoma (ultrasound) as well as that the brain is strained (how did I forget). With the next scan I can direct my focus to the areas that need to be addressed for better health. The advantage of NLS is also that, based on my own needs, I can regularly adjust how my lifestyle interventions produce results or not.

No other instrument I’ve come across has a more comprehensive analysis for my entire body. Given the initial cost of SEK 1500 for ninety minutes, it is cheap compared to the cost at other clinics outside Sweden’s borders and what you can get for your health in general for that cost. One is for sure and that is that you can never receive equivalent support in public health, which I regret. With preventative care, we would have a healthier population and less public costs, which would benefit everyone by reducing suffering.


“Non Linear Diagnostic” (NLS) is an instrument that reads electromagnetic waves in most parts of the body and reads possible deviations from tissue in everything from organs to psycho-emotional status, even at DNA and chromosome levels. Microorganisms (Bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, fungi) and allergens are also detected.

In the EU and US, the NLS instrument called Metatron is certified as a medical device (ISO 13485) and has CE marking indicating the degree of product safety for human health and the environment as well as the corresponding FDA marking on the US market. The Swedish Medicines Agency has, as far as I know, not taken a position on permitting it in Swedish public care.

The principles of the diagnostic method were developed by Svyatoslav Nesterov with Vladimir Nesterov. The method has been developed for thirty years and you can read more in the link below to the Institute of Psychophysics. NLS is now sold in addition to the European and American markets in a total of forty-four countries.

Grateful customer Ulrika Westberg


For 3 years I have sought help from various doctors who get me doctors for the most part and nothing has helped and never have any concrete answer as to why I was breaking down.

I also paid a small fortune for functional medicine treatments.

When I finally couldn’t use my feet and legs and got infections and allergies from everything, I was told by a colleague that I would apply to Göran for GS training.

So what caused my body to react so chaos has Göran calmed down with Acupuncture, medical ultrasound and several meters of Kinesiotape as well as supplements from the mineralstation that help me replenish my reserves and help my healing process.

I can walk and work, although there is a bit left to say that I am completely restored …
Should write me up for a while soon and see what the NLS-Metatron scanner
says about me.

5 Big stars out of five possible for Göran and Felicia Thank you for being there!

Grateful customer Jessica Johansson


I have had problems with my back for as long as I can remember. I loved moving around as a kid, but hit me pretty regularly. So I had my whole childhood more or less pain in my back and neck.

As an adult, I asked the doctors for help. Be on magnetic X-ray and ultrasound where the doctors looked at what is wrong. Surgeons here and there. I apparently have lime deposits around the spine that cause the pain. But the doctors are handcuffed.

For the past 20 years, I have actively and desperately sought help and relief for my back. I have been in such pain that I have often become bedridden for days sometimes weeks, my pains have prevented me from living.

Unhappy and exhausted I came to Göran & Felicia. I had almost given up. Every doctor’s visit was kind of like where my hope diminished every year. Still, I was open to testing new things about nothing else, even to relieve the pain.

So I got shockwave treatment.
And things have started to happen. Finally something that actually not only relieves symptoms, but attacks the problem and the error.

I now have days when I can move without pain! I can get myself to sit and look up at the roof, thinking “Wow! I’m not in pain, how nice it feels!”

I’ve got the hope back. About more pain-free days. And I am so incredibly grateful for Göran And Felicia and the help I received from them. They care about their patients for real!
Thank you to you both!

Grateful customer Mireya Contreras


For many years I have had pains in my neck and shoulders, I applied here and there, but never got the lasting help until I got a tip: Go to Göran and Felicia at GSTraining. Said and done, I got an appointment to try their methods against my pains. After 1 treatment, it felt better and after a few treatments I am currentrly painless, so it’s never too late to try something new. I am so grateful for their help to be painless after so many years.

Thankful customer Marianne.


Oxelösund 14/2-18

It’s magic- a sunshine story


Just over 3 years ago my husband started to have problems with his feet. Pain while walking, ache, drivers that only got worse. He contacted the medical service and had to test different medications, do a variety of examinations, tests and x-rays. But always with the same result .. there is nothing wrong with your feet. How can there be no mistake when it hurts so much that you can´t walk? Can’t walk at all without orthopedic shoes both inside and outside?! But when it felt like all ideas were exhausted, he got a tip about GS Training Qinopractic & Rehab AB, phoned and told about his problem and got a time with Göran.


We went there one afternoon, curious what would happen. We were warmly taken care of at once. I was allowed in during the treatment and watch. Göran always explained what he did and told what was happening in the body. So exciting and interesting it was!

When the treatment was done and my husband got up .. I’m saying magically! Then he could walk on the floor without shoes and it did not hurt.

If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it.

There will be some more treatments, but so much more alive, can sleep without pain and feel so much better already.

It’s really a sunshine story and we highly recommend searching for this help.


A few years ago I was involved in a traffic accident where I was hit from behind. This has meant that for a long time I had a pain and stiffness in my neck that has always existed there. Strength training has eased but not removed the underlying feeling.

After getting treatment from you, this has now completely disappeared, and I no longer feel any pain or stiffness.


It simply has removed what existed! Unbelievable what this can help. Thanks.

Piere Nordin


“Forward” was the only expression I could relate to

Never give up, no matter how bad it feels.

“Forward” was the only thing I had focused on in thirty years. Did not stop for reflection and to know. Lacked the ability to deepen and neither did I experience true love or joy. Anxiety about reliving the first twenty years was too painful so pressed me all the time. The pain of being rejected and abandoned during my first years became a powerful driving force for the anxiety and I drew that fear into various destructive behaviors. Sex, food and exercise became my attempt to control and to fill an bottomless inner hole. I had high demands on myself and was never satisfied and punished me when relationships, achievements, and inner goals did not turn out as I wanted. Psychiatric ill health, I thought I was only in my forties with depression after a tiring time as coordinator of a group housing for mental function variations. Have been depressed since childhood but did not notice my surroundings or I until recently. My first breakdown I got when I was 24 years old after an assault, I regarded as a temporary down period and released contact with psychiatry after two years. I was also ashamed that I could be stamped as mentally ill and darkened it with distance courses at the university during the same period.

I despised others who could not keep the same pace and became annoyed or restless if I needed to lower the pace during coffee breaks, socially or in the long run. Never liked to reflect, stop and tell me how I felt and felt that the people who did so were losers. Unknowingly, I held a strong inner concern under control that way. An anxiety that I had neither internal images nor words to. I was powerless when I did not understand my behaviours.

Just the physical pain, I perceived as a problem

Only when I had many physical problems like migraines, tinnitus, stomach ulcers and palpitations as I went to the emergency room several times, and I did not improve my results athletically, I began to worry about how it was done. Doctors did not understand that I was on my way to fatigue syndrome and deep depression until after a concussion. I couldn’t get out of bed, and everything went black. For years I was neither alive nor dead. No medications helped. I did not perceive the wealthy to live and did not understand how I would be better. I could get lost in familiar environments, drop words, the ability to plan and look forward disappeared, sound and light could turn off my ability to think and concentrate on others. Suddenly, I became terribly afraid of being attacked, raped and subjected to aggression that I had been exposed to as young but not previously responded to at all. I was so embarrassed that I was not well. Became full-time sick and isolated me. For ten years, I tested many different antidepressant medications, a fantastic full-time care at Vidarkliniken with intensive care as a complement to school medicine, physiotherapists, conversational therapist, doctors etc. but did not experience any improvement. I have also been care damaged. I’ve been bitterly experienced how I got worse from the institutional care. It took a few years before I and my doctor realized it. Without a permanent medical contact for several years, I had probably not figured out to what I got worse off.

Finally, all pieces fell in place

Only recently I have begun to understand how everything is connected. I slowly get better but the journey has been so slow that I tried to take my life several times because I did not feel that I could get better. For almost eight years, I have been full-time sick-wise and got all the tools that are possible to regulate my feelings and help the brain to get rested. The day I realized that I had to change almost everything I was releasing the previous goals I have been able to start the healing. For a long time, I have been unfortunate because my depression could not be medicated and I have not returned to payroll work. Instead, I concentrated on finding an inner calm and not exposing myself to environments that create more stress. Then the depression also decreased by itself.

My recipe for better health

Firstly, I learned to accept that I have mental illness and that it is no stranger than having a broken leg. I’m not alone either. It is actually more uncommon for people not to have experience of mental health. Amazing Fountain House helped me realize that I have several healthy sides and that my diagnoses are not the same as who I am as a person. To release shame and stigmatism is hardest. Daring to stand up for who I am and that my mental illness even helped me become a better person. My life has improved in many ways after sick leave.

Perhaps the most important part of my recipe is to surround yourself with people who contribute to development and to create a meaningful social context. People who help me better understand what I’m going through are invaluable. It sometimes takes time to realize who they are, and in my case Göran Salaj who have a lot of knowledge about the body and quickly reduces different kinds of pains. I have gone to him at least fifteen years and has always taken care of me. Tommy Tedelund at Telge Rehab have teached me what I can do with training and what I should avoid, Ursula Flatters from Vidarkliniken has helped me understand that there are many aspects to consider in order to create a healthy life far more than Swedish traditional care gives and Peder Björling, who has been the doctor I most trusted for a long time through his equal and warm human support, like Johan Söderlund who literally saved my life through his way of working. Now my slim happiness is a trauma therapy with amazing Kim Tyden at Wonsa that helps me regulate all the anxieties, flashbacks and tensions I have in my body and there I do not have to traumatize me by talking about what happened. All of these mentioned people are professional and are specialists of various kinds that I have been lucky enough to come back to for several years. Friends and social contexts are equally important as important as I received via Fountain House. Few have stayed with me since I got sick and these people I am deeply grateful to have. Support groups, such as the twelve-step program, are probably the context I could tie together the whole bag with tools to get a rich life.

I also looked to reduce spending to make sure I could not live on sickness benefit. Seeing the savings disappear and still unable to afford dental visits or new glasses made me experience the end of life as a social supporter and feeling useless as a human when I could not be productive. Failure to have economic power over living expenses is subject to the recovery act for a long time.

Finding ways to rest your brain as often as possible will always be important to me as exhausted. The brain is more sensitive than others after severe condition of fatigue. My ways are to regularly walk slowly in the woods, certain type of massage, long hot showers, free dancing, meditate short moments every day without controlling the thoughts, always trying to be aware of the feelings I experience and accept all the feelings I have instead of avoiding them. I also avoid watching violence and have stopped pushing me as before, so I do not re-traumatize me.

Today, I sometimes get the idea that it’s easier to die than trying to live but can then find out that it’s just a thought, though it may feel painful to have. No one controls his thoughts but what I can do is choose which thought to act.

Choosing employment from an accepting workplace is also very important to me and I have chosen to immerse myself in helping others better understand mental illness in different ways. I would like to inform everyone who is interested in how superior Fountain House is to help people with mental health in developing in their professional life and growing as people. I would like to support people talking about their mental health as a moderator at

Minds Forum and I help clients via the RSMH (to evaluate psychiatric care) and care in my capacity as user accountant.


Last but not least, I now avoid places that increase my stress as long as my trauma is triggered where many people are staying, environments where people speak and listen to music, etc. Some stripes cannot be washed out of me, so I adapt to it. To have acceptance to what I can change and not is extremely important on the road to better health.


The only thing I miss from my old life is the ambition to climb mountains. But I can stand that it does not get off. My excitement might be replaced by jumping parachute?

Life is worth living, because without life you have nothing.
Ulrika Westberg