Massage/elastic therapeutic tape

Swedish Classic Massage

Swedish classical massage is used for example in muscular tension, soreness, swelling, muscular nodes and as general relaxing and softening treatment. Massage can provide infants, elderly, athletes, convalescent, everyone feels good of touch. There are lots of studies that show the positive medical effects of being relaxed The muscles become softer, blood circulation is getting started, digestion becomes more efficient, which improves the immune system, activates the body’s cleansing functions and collects less waste products. Relaxation massage is like a “help for self-help.”

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is aimed at mothers who are pregnant from week 1 to about 38 weeks. Massaging a pregnant mother does not cause any problems, it makes her relax and calm down. The mother may lay on the stomach in the pregnancy pillow (which has a hole for the stomach and the chest.) If you do not manage to lay on your stomach, you can sit up and have a massage. It is not dangerous for the mother or the child to get massaged. In my education, we learned what to think about when massaging a pregnant woman. If you have any questions please contact us.


Musculation is a technique that extends muscles under controlled conditions. The technique is used by massagers for stretching muscles and connective tissue. In today’s society we work very much forward and have sedentary professions. which stresses back, shoulders, arms. Without treatment, the muscles are tense, short and trigger points are created (Active Points). A trigger point is characterized by radiating into other parts of the body. If you continue, you will get tension headache, mouse arm or frozen shoulder. If you do not mind the problem then there is a risk of a chronic injury / discomfort.

After musculation, it is common for you to experience a pain or feel a sore muscles. This is completely natural after a little harder treatment. The body wants to bring out the waste products that have accumulated in the muscles so it is very important to drink water after treatment.

Elastic therapeutic tape

Elastic therapeutic tape works by microscopically lifting the skin, removing pressure and irritation from nerve endings and pain receptors and relieving pain. The pressure is gradually relieved in the lymphatic system and the flow is improved, which strengthens and accelerates the body’s own healing ability. Even the blood circulation is improved in the injured area, which facilitates healing, and slag products effectively disappear when the lymph flow increases.

Some injuries may require repeated treatments for some time, but sometimes a single tape is sufficient to experience a great effect, in some cases total pain relief. The tape is very elastic and thin and follows smoothly when you move, train, etc. It sits around the clock for about a week. You can shower, swim and the tape is still there, the tape should remain until it comes off itself or starts fraying.