Swedish Qinopractic Spain Fuengirola


Our colleague and teacher of Qinopractic medicine, Mikael Dahlström has moved down to Fuengirola in Spain where he started Swedish Qinopractic and Rehab. Where he treats and holds courses for both therapists but also parents.

If you want to know more you can visit the site www.sweqino.com.

Camp Wellness

At Camp Wellness, we offer you and your child a whole new way of living with ADHD / ADD / Asperger’s and / or Autism.

Camp Wellness offers parents and children specially tailored trips to Marbella in southern Spain. There are seminars and workshops for the family. At Camp Wellness, we want to show you how to put the puzzle as a parent, help your child / youth understand the bigger picture.

Camp Wellness’s approach differs significantly from traditional medicine and treatment. This week, we focus just as much energy and energy on making the whole family function as a well-functioning unit. Camp Wellness has unique knowledge and understanding (40 years of experience) about the healing of the body, the structure and function of the brain, how important our thoughts are, etc.

If you want to know more please go to www.campwellness.se.