Products you can buy at the clinic.


Cooling Ormsalva (blue). 150:-

Cooling Ormsalva is a fast-acting cooling gel for acute pain, helps with swelling and has a calming effect on inflammation.

Active Ormsalva (orange). 150:-

Active Ormsalva is a warming liniment that is activated when you are moving.

Insane Ormsalva (lime green). 225:-

Our warmest and most powerful liniment. A knit that you can easily apply without getting your hands dirty.

Extreme Ormsalva (red). 130:-

One of our powerful warming liniments. It helps relieve tense and stiff muscles.

Organic Ormsalva (dark green). 150:-

Organic Ormsalva is an organic warming and caring liniment.


A package put together to give you optimal uptake and results. Read more about the products on the mineralstationen website.

Gift cards

At the clinic, you can buy gift cards that you can give away as a really good present. You who buy decide the treatment and amount yourself.