Animal treatment (not performed at the clinic)

Felicia treats both dogs and horses with Qinopractic medicine and Med laser treatments. The treatments are performed at an agreed place and not at the clinic. Felicia is educated in Qinopractic Medicine, Med-Laser & Dog Massage. Read more about her education here

Massage for the dog provides well-being just like for us humans. Massage increases blood circulation, improves nutrition and relaxes the muscles. In addition, massage is a tool for finding muscle tension that can hide pain and treat muscle problems that easily arise during exercise, play and stress in everyday life. In addition, the massage for dogs will have a very tranquil effect and can help overactive dogs to become calmer. Massage is given with very good results also to accelerate the healing process in damaged muscles. When massage is given during the healing process, the muscle can easily maintain its agility, since the connective tissue that is always formed in damaged and immovable muscles decreases during massage. Today, dogs are treated with herniated disc with massage and exercise already 3 days after surgery. Clinically, it has been shown that a better circulation in the dog’s tissues can be maintained. The massage can also help soften muscles that may work extra extensively. A dog with hip joint or osteoarthritis, for example, will charge some muscles extra hard to compensate for its weakness in the parties affected by the problem. Veterinarians sometimes write massage as for rehabilitation purposes, then you can contact me and bring the dog’s journal and we’ll go through it together. After treatment, you will get home exercises to the dog if needed.

To think about after the massage

After a massage treatment, the body is tired and should not be exposed to physical activity. The dog may be extra thirsty and slightly frozen. The dog may need to pee or poop immediately after treatment because kidneys and intestines start. Then you should offer the dog a quiet evening at home.
Attention: I do the dog massage in a agreed place. My phone number is: 070-348 2998