Life & conversation coach
Doula – my support for giving birth without pain

My name is Mari, mother of three sons and with a long career life behind me. I have worked in agriculture, healthcare, the consulting industry, the recruitment industry and as a successful trader. When me and my husband sold our company I took the chance to “Dare to be myself”. I love working with people, coaching and highlighting the best of each individual. So I have chosen to educate myself as a conversation & life coach.
Doula – my support for parents to give birth without pain is another leg in my profession. Being close, give the peace to parents to give birth without fear.
As a conversation and life coach I work with psychosynthesis as a foundation. Psychosynthesis is based on the fact that each person is unique and has his or her own potential for development. A method for self-realization. When we take RESPONSIBILITY for our lives, we have also found our WILL. Then we have made a decision to want to be master of our own life.

Dare to be yourself:

When You dare to take responsibility for Your own life, you also dare to follow your own will. When you make the decision to stand up for yourself and be master of your own life, you have begun that fantastic journey to be yourself. Getting self-realization. I have coached CEOs, unemployed people, people who are burned out and friends who are just unhappy, and everyone is stuck in the same track. One forgets himself for all that others who are so much more important. But nothing is more important than yourself. If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help others.
What should I do:
I am the one who, together with You, peeks at your life ahead of time. We start from Your life situation today and from that see what you can do to manage your time ahead in life. How can you act to take advantage of your life in the best possible way. As a conversation coach, I support you in your personal development. How can you act to take advantage of your life in the best possible way. As a conversation coach, I support you in your personal development.

Your time is NOW:

Everyone knows that it is invaluable to talk to a life coach. There is not a CEO who does not have a life coach and the majority of elite athletes have a life coach. A life coach should not be “the last way out”, a life coach should be your sounding board to get help finding your own path. I know that You are sitting on the answers yourself and I also know that You can access them, but usually an independent support is needed to get there. Welcome to me. A time and place without performance requirements, without values and it is You who are at the center. It is you who should feel good. You are the protagonist. A quote that I keep warm about the heart. To dare, is to lose the foothold for a little while. To not dare is to lose oneself.


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