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Active baby – optimize the baby’s own birth force.

What is Active baby?

Active baby is about creating balance between the pregnant uterus, pelvis, muscles and ligaments. This is done by the woman doing simple and specific exercises alone or with someone. When there is balance, more space is created and the baby thus settles in optimal positions. Many babies in the seat or transverse position can be turned to head down, using Active Baby. When there is balance, many pregnancy-related problems are reduced such as pelvic girdle pain, back pain, incontinence and stress-related uterine contractions.

Active Baby helps the baby to assume it’s optimal position in the uterus and pelvis before childbirth to best find and be able to rotate into the pelvic canal, which reduces the risk of complications and medical interventions for both mother and baby during childbirth. It can also shorten the length of birth. The baby uses it’s own birth power to birth it self. Active Baby helps the woman to cooperate with her body and to use her own birth forces to birth her child. Together with their partner, it helps to connect with the child and to be involved both during pregnancy and childbirth.

Use Active Baby during Pregnancy:

-pelvic girdle pain
-back pain
-pelvic pain
-pains under the ribs
-a lot of contractions
-pains in the lower abdomen
-breech position
-transverse position
-delayed parturition


-water retirement without aches
-delayed parturition
-strong pain
-when the baby does not sink
-prolonged delivery
-wide open vertex presentation
-if suction clock / pliers are considered
-if acute caesarean section is considered

The first time you / you and your partner book a time it is needed 60 min for information and display of your specific exercises. Many times you need another meeting to evaluate and perform additional exercises, then usually 40 mins will suffice. Remember: Write in the message box what your problem is! In order to make an appointment, e-mail and suggest one or a few times and tell me about your problem, we agree on a time that suits you. E-mail to

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